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Sydney Flower Walls 

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Engagement Party - Sydney Flowers Wall

At Sydney Flower Walls...

Our walls add a special glam factor to any event. They are handmade with delicate silk flowers which add a texture difference to the wall. We do offer customisation services so that we are able to build a wall for you that suits your vision. Alternatively, Sydney Flower Walls can make minor adjustments to some of our existing flower walls, should you require that also. 

The Sydney Flower Walls team are a great group of people that go beyond our level of duty especially when time is running out and the venue is not completely set up!

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Our Clients

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Wedding Event

Guests couldn't stop raving about the In Bloom flower wall. Down the track I also used the Beauty Blue for my baby shower and it honestly was the centrepiece of the event. Even though it was at home it was professionally set up and maintained for the 2 day event. I will be recommending them to everyone, thank you Sydney Flower Walls.

18th Birthday

The flower wall was stunning at my birthday party. We got so many comments and my daughter was so happy and surprised by it.

40th Birthday

We had hired a flower wall from Sydney Flower Walls. We were so wowed with the service. Especially when their staff assisted us in packing up.

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